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Crossing to the Azores

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Hey everyone!
Finally, we get to leave Bermuda, the Dutch government okay-ed our departure. It is really too bad we were here for so long because we could have spent more time on the Azores if we didn’t need so much time in Bermuda to repair everything.
We left Bermuda with sunshine, but hard winds. I knew it as soon as we sailed out of the bay, everyone was going to be seasick and indeed only about an hour later everyone didn’t feel at their best including me. I decided it was probably best to go to bed. When I woke up I was feeling great. Optimistically I got out of bed and went to sit in our living room. I still didn’t fell 100% but I was okay.

Well, literally everyone was seasick on this day. So the atmosphere wasn’t exactly very fun. We gave up on school and instead laid on the couches and chilled. I stayed in bed for a while and then decided to get out. It was also Marleen’s birthday! But I don’t think she enjoyed it very much. I decided after some couch chilling it might be better to go outside. Quickly I gathered everything I needed and put it on and went outside. However, after going outside and putting on all my stuff I didn’t feel too well. With many others we sat on deck hoping to feel better. Once I was better, I was able to sit in the living room and we played president, a card game. I also had watch, which helped because it meant sitting outside. My new watch 4-8 is actually really chill. We only have to clean the living room and the time is okay since we get enough sleep.
Exactly one month till we are back home!
Still a lot of people are seasick and I also don’t feel quite great enough to do school so we mostly just sat in the living room and played card games. I mean if everyone around you has a green face the concentration level of school isn’t very high. Nothing really special happened on this day.
Well the next few days till the Azores all feel like a blur. The wind declined and I was able to finish almost all my school work without any problems of seasickness. Also, I had my watch from 4 to 8 which I quite enjoyed. I had watch with Till, Wouter, Siets and Joost and we had a lot of laughs.
On the 1st of April we saw whales and that is not an April fool’s joke! It was really cool! They sprayed water and everything. Also, the tale came up but when that happened I was going to get my camera. Anyway, at least we did see a whale this trip.
When we were about 3 or 4 days away from arriving in the Azores a ship-takeover started. All the positions, except machinist, were fulfilled by girls. Usually it takes about one or two days but the wind was going to turn, so the captain decided to start earlier otherwise we wouldn’t do very much sailing. It was honestly quite a chaos. Our first watch we spend about an hour raising the breefok and there was nothing wrong with it. I think this ship’s-takeover was mostly for everybody to learn, but it wasn’t very efficient.
Also sleeping became less pleasant because there were waves coming over deck meaning the window was closed. Seeing as I sleep under the window, all the condensation came off the window and onto my bed thus I constantly had to make sure that something was covering my covers. Otherwise I would get a wet bed.
Finally after a long tiring watch we arrived in Horta, Azores on the 8th of April in the rain. I stood there with Anna in the rain holding out a vender, really proud that we were holding the vender. But then it turned out we were going to be lying next to the Eye of the Wind; another tall ship which lay in front of us in Bermuda. This meant the place where we were standing didn’t need a vender. The ship-take-over captain had told us about an hour or so before we actually arrived to hold out the venders. There we stood with our vender, in the rain, for like an hour. Not exactly my biggest hobby during sailing and then it turned out it wasn’t going to be used, quite typical actually.
Well, we had dinner and then we were able to go into Horta. First, however, Joost and Els had news for us. In the Azores we were going to do a solo-bivak, meaning 24 hours alone in the forest. All they told us is that we had to build our own tent and try to survive. Everybody was extremely excited. I mean after 5 months of constantly being with someone it was probably going to be really weird to be alone.
Together with Haike, Steffie, and Jeltje we were actually going to look for wifi but then decided it was a waste of our time. I mean, we are almost home. So instead we went to drink hot chocolate and eat cake.
- Meilin

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