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Time for some school in Bermuda
8 March
In the morning we worked on school. We had a lot to catch up since we hadn’t worked since the storm. The day wasn’t very eventful. After three in the afternoon we walked over to a golf course at the coast. Here Joost had sympathy exercises for us. We had to look each other in the eyes and think of what the other person has been feeling. After two rounds Joost decided we weren’t in the mood for this so instead we went climbing on the rocks by the ocean and played some soccer. Haike and I returned to the ship to finish the cookies we had started baking before we left. We made snicker doodles and they turned out surprisingly well! In the evening we started making signs for Elskarien because she is returning!!

The Spirit of Bermuda
9 March
Today it was my brother’s birthday so as soon as I got the chance I called home. It is really weird to be missing events like this that are happening at home. The day started off with a big clean-up which was really necessary. Jeltje, Andrea, and I cleaned up the egg powder which had fallen over in the teachers sleeping hut. A couple of days ago Jeltje and I had cleaned up the worst mess, but now we went down to the detail. The smell however, was horrific. Egg powder has a really strong scent. Anyway, after cleaning we worked on school till 3. At three we went to Hamilton and at Hamilton we took a ferry towards Dockyard. The ferry was really cool, it went quite fast! Dockyard is at the other end of the island. There we went to visit the Bermuda Spirit which is also a tall ship. The Spirit usually takes children for about two weeks on sailing trip, just like our captain normally does. After the tour we played soccer with the crew and then had a barbeque with the crew of the Spirit. There we ate hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, corn, and salads. It was delicious and we were definitely happy finally to not have to make our own food. The Bermudan hospitality is unbelievable. We barely knew any of them, yet they were very open and took great care of us. To make the night even better Elskarien also returned!
At around 11 in the night we had to return to the Regina Maris since we would otherwise miss the last bus. The head of the Spirit told us an inspiring quote “don’t pay it back, pay it forward”. Our captain invited them to our ship the next evening.

A Tour through St. Georges
10 March
Since we got home quite late the last evening we got to sleep in a bit. After which we got a tour through St. Georges. Here we were told about the history and showed around to different houses which had a historical value. Bermuda was discovered in the early 1600s by a ship which got in a storm and then landed in Bermuda. Before this Bermuda was called Devil’s Island since there are many shipwrecks here due to the coral riffs. However, this ship stranded on a riff and stayed standing. All of this was quite interesting.
In the afternoon we had school and in the evening a party for return of Elskarien. We had an endless amount of food, again. French-fries, our own made kroketjes (a Dutch type of fast food), chicken wings, salad, cakes, and more. After this we preformed a dance for Els, just for fun. Haike, Andrea, and I had danced it during our watch and thought it would be funny to teach everyone this and perform it for Els. After this everybody started dancing and we had quite some fun. That evening the clock was also put an hour forward, which meant an hour less sleep!

Sunday, freeday
11 March
The one hour less sleep didn’t matter much because it was Sunday today which meant that we got to sleep in. At 8.30 breakfast was ready during which Haike, Steffie, Jeltje, and I ate an apple and went into St. Georges. We didn’t want to wait till the bread was ready so together with Steffie I bought a croissant and muffins as breakfast. Not really healthy, but definitely a treat. In front of the church we got onto the free internet and then we left since everyone went on internet there and we went on internet on a little grass field. Here I Skyped with a couple of people, it was amazing to talk with home again and actually see people from home. When we returned to the ship we had lunch and heard which new rooms we were in.
I am in a room with Marleen, Tess, and Lian which is really fun and luckily they are all quite organized so our room is really neat. Nothing on the floor, it is very accessible. During the trip I realized that I am amazingly cleaned-up and quite an organizational freak when it comes down to keeping the room clean.

Two School Days
12 March
The day started out with yes, school. I worked on comparative government, which in class I find quite interesting but learning from a book is really not that exciting. Anyway, in the afternoon we had a sport day. First we played life Stratego a while. Of course, as usual I got a bloody nose. So together with Till, Stijn, and Douwe I went back to the boat to get tissues and they went to get some stuff. We could actually stop playing sports after an hour but I decided to continue. When I returned we played some other games which are hard to explain but I did have quite a few laugh attacks.
Back on the boat we ate pizza and in the evening we got a cake from the parents because we had survived the storm. They had organized from Holland that we would get a cake in Bermuda. Really sweet! Thanks to all the mums and dads!
13 March
This morning we enjoyed having school again. My concentration when we are laying still is really good though. I don’t remember when but I also did a math test on Bermuda, which I believe went quite well. Learning on a moving ship is not quite ideal… But it is doable and definitely an experience.
In the afternoon we had an activity organized by Elskarien. The point of the game was that in each team three people were blindfolded and one other person of the team would tell them how they had to go through an obstacle course. The rest of us had to stay quiet and I was told to take pictures. It was really hilarious. The blindfolded had to do things such as putting on boots, going certain directions, and going through people who are walking back and forth. Really, at certain points I was basically rolling on the floor of laughter. There were four teams and the fastest time was about 20 minutes. I believe we got third or something. Well, it wasn’t really important how fast you were, but more that the people listened and that the person who directed the people was clear and calm. Els had chosen people who needed to work on the skills listening and leadership. It was really good to see that all of them handled it quiet good. After the game we got a cup full of own popped popcorn and chips.
Back at the boat we played pull the rope (or however you call it). First we had random groups but then we played boys against girls. We are with 19 and the guys are with 14 but since they are mostly taller, stronger, and thus heavier it was quite fair. You would never guess who won. Yeahhhhhhh, buddy, we did! Not only once, but twice! And as they had promised they will jump in the water if they lose. Promises are promises so all them went swimming in their clothes and it wasn’t exactly very warm. Just about 10 degrees colder than the temperature we are used to. Of course they are sore losers so they came completely dripping cold water and started hugging all of us who stayed dry.

14 March
Today was a cool day.
We got up early to go to Dockyard with the bus. First we went to the National Maritime Museum. It was quite an interesting a museum filled with a lot of different things. I wasn’t only about nautical things but also about slavery in Bermuda, the relationship between the Bermuda and the Azores (there are a lot of Portuguese immigrants in Bermuda), the history and defense of Bermuda, and a lot more. After that we were ‘let loose’ in Dockyard. I lead Douwe, Andrea, and Till to Haägen Dazs. I knew where this was since we always went to Dockyard one day during sailing camp. Andrea and I shared an ice cream. Cookies and cream, it was delicious! After enjoying our ice cream we looked around. Then we saw Steffie, Haike, and Merwin. Together with them and Andrea I went looking around some more. We also bought postcards and stamps. Sending post is actually really amusing, I think I might do it more often.
Now came the cool part of the day.
Marit, one of teachers, knows someone on Bermuda who works at a dolphin center and does research on dolphins. Because of this we got to go to a show for free. At the show there were really cute kids around the ages 4-5. All of them in school uniform and completely amazed by the dolphins. We had of course seen dolphins in the wild but never from such a close distance. The dolphins live in a sort of closed off section from the sea, so it is a quite natural habitat. For 20 dollars you could get closer to the dolphins and play with them. After a lot of pondering I decided to do it as well and I am very glad I did. It was really cool! We got to pet them, I did one of the tricks with the dolphin in which it came and put its head on my hands, and I fed it fish. The skin was really weird, super smooth! Later Marit’s friend told us the research they are doing here and the projects they are working on. Also she told us how they train dolphins. I first thought it was kind of sad for the dolphins, but they seemed truly happy and definitely didn’t look able to live in another environment. In addition, these dolphins weren’t caught but they were born in captivity so they didn’t know better. Anyway, it was definitely an amazing experience.

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The First Two Days in Bermuda

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Arrival in Bermuda
6 March, 2012
On the 6th of March we arrived in Bermuda. We sailed by the coast from where I saw white beaches, the lighthouse, and the colorful houses. I have been to Bermuda twice before and really like it. However, I have enjoyed summers in Bermuda with my friend, not springs. The springs are quite cold I can tell you. The day we arrived it was really breezy and the waves were breaking at the surface.
Finally we arrived in St. George’s which is a picturesque town at the end of the island. Here we docked in the harbor for tall ships. When we arrived the Thor Heyerdahl (the German version of our ship) was there as well but they left soon after we arrived. In the evening we explored St. George’s, looked for internet, and I we took a look through the shops.


Bermuda College
7 March
The seventh was our first full day in Bermuda. We started the day off with stepping into a bus that headed toward Hamilton, the capital, and then to the Bermuda College. This trip takes a little more than an hour. Bermuda’s roads aren’t exactly big or fast. They have only one lane roads except for a 200 meter strip which has two lanes, to ensure that there is no morning rush.
The Bermuda College kind of reminds me of my school. There was a gym with a tribune and a cafeteria. Except for the equipment was much higher level. We got a tour throughout the whole school and after that we got a lesson about the Bermuda economy. It was a very interesting and quite funny lesson. I learned that Bermuda is so rich because it gives a lot of insurances without a lot of fuss. The regulations in Bermuda aren’t so strict for insurances which attracts many rich people and I also learnt that Bermuda is an off-shore economy.
Bermuda is also extremely expensive because everything needs to be imported. In addition, the teacher talked about how Bermuda is not exactly sustainable. They use up too much water and produce too much trash.
On the way back from the Bermuda University we stopped in Hamilton and had some free time. Here we visited some shops and had lunch. Together with Jeltje, Steffie, and Haike we went to Juice ‘n Beans to eat bagels. We also had ice-cream at Double Dip. Everything was so expensive!
In the evening we got to internet during which I had a major picture uploading session.

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The Crossing from Cuba to Bermuda

Hey everybody!
Well we left the country of salsa, Castro, and socialism for Bermuda, extreme capitalism and liberalism. The first couple of days were quite wavy; some people had problems with seasickness again. Luckily, I didn’t feel a thing. It was quite weird to suddenly have to get in the rhythm again. Standing up at 12 and then going back to bed at 4 is not exactly my hobby. However, once you’re outside its okay. The starry nights are as beautiful as they were and during the day the temperature is pleasant.
Each day it also gets colder. I took out my sleeping bag again; it’s getting to cold to only sleep under sheets. Also, I went for a search for my scarf and hat and the sailing suits are also put on again. In full gear I went for my watch. Alone at sea is so peaceful. It is really mind-clearing actually. There is nothing to distract you except for the ship and the people here. Other than that the landscape is always blue.
On the fourth of March I had my kitchen-shift. Yet again on a Sunday and yet again it was crappy weather. Together with Steffie I pulled off a two mans kitchen-shift. Floris was too seasick for his kitchen-shift so we sent him upstairs to the fresh air. Everything was alright till in the evening. The lights suddenly fell out and we went really crooked. I was standing in the kitchen and a couple of plates fell. Thankfully, Douwe pulled me out of the kitchen. The fire alarm also went off but this is only because it came in contact with water. However, we were so trained to go outside in case of a fire that we opened the door and a wave came inside. Quickly, everyone came to the reasoning that it was maybe best to stay inside. It lasted about half an hour but if felt like a really long time. The kitchen was a chaos but we didn’t need to clean up. In the evening it quickly became less; however the crew took over the watches for the next two days. A lot was broken and the next day’s consisted of endless cleaning and repairing. However, we arrived soundly and safely in Bermuda on the sixth of March.
We survived the Bermuda Triangle!
- Meilin

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A little message: I tried to catch up on my blog, so wrote this with a bit of speed. Two events are missing but I will try to update this when I get to the Azores, our next stop!


16 February
This night we slept in a two people bungalow, it was quite fun. There they also had a swimming pool. It was getting cold, but Haike and I decided we still wanted to take a swim. So together with some others, we went swimming in the very cold swimming pool. At half nine we were two stand with all our stuff in the bus, of course some people were too late so Sacajawea (one of the teachers) gave us a speech, again.
Pepe, the bus driver, took us all the way back to Piñar del Rio because we had to go to an art school there. We first got a speech of the head of the school. For some reason we came upon the topic of the Cuban Five. These are five Cubans who are imprisoned in America. According to the director the Cubans were trying to prevent other Cubans living in Miami from attacking Cuba. So unjustly they were put in to prison. The director got quite passionate about it and took big pauses to make sure he said the right things. This was our first encounter with a Cuban talking about something that involves the government.
After this talk we got a tour around the school. We saw all different kinds of art from print making to drawing to sculpturing to painting. It was really obvious where the talent lay, but there was definitely talent.
From the art school we went to a school to a school for opera singers. Here we got a performance from the ex-students. Their voices were amazing. I was really moved even though it isn’t really my favorite type of singing.
Then we had to get back in the bus for 1 and a half hours in the bus to another hotel. In this hotel room I was with Anna, so we went off to our hotel room.

17 February
Today it was a lot of following the pizza, Margarita. About today: this morning we woke up to one of the teachers bonking on the door. We had to get out of bed, time for breakfast and yet again a full program lead by Marguerita. The day started off with a trip in our beloved bus. From the bungalows we went to some caves. First we walked on a paved road to some boats. Here we got a tour of a Cuban; he told us about the caves. In each part of the cave you could see animals or other things; quite funny to see. With his boat he brought us through the exit to a tourist market with endless souvenirs. There we stepped off to be surprised by Elskarien and Anne (yeah, that is a guy), two of the crew members and Els had painted her hair fiery red! It was pure coincidence that we saw her there. We talked with Els and Anne a bit and looked around in the shops.
Together with us they lunched. In our airco-bus we drove to some big mural on a mountain. Personally, I didn’t find it so special. The mural was of the historic man. Lunch, again rice with meat, was quite tasty.
From here we went to the bus to a natural pools. Many people went swimming here, but I didn’t feel like swimming and instead talked with some people at the edge of the water. Margarita kept warning us that it was “very slippery!” and that we had to make sure we didn’t drown. There was no current and the water was nice and quite warm.
After these natural pools we went to a botanical garden which was quite beautiful and had some weird plants. We also had a conversation with Margarita about the communism. She says that she feels Cuba is being treated unfairly. I didn’t really get the whole conversation, but I believe she is quite passionate about Cuba. Or at least, so she says.
After a long ride back Haike and I rushed to our rooms because we still wanted to swim, again. The swimming pool closes at 6 because the lifeguard then leaves. Margarita would have probably had a heart attack if she knew that most hotels don’t actually have lifeguards at the swimming pool and that we swam in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. After dinner we chilled again till we went to our luxurious hotel beds.

18 February
Today was Jaap’s (the coordinator’s) birthday! From the very filling breakfast we left for a day at a sustainable village. Here everything was done ecologically and biologically. First we went to a man who sold handmade postcards from recycled paper. They were quite pretty. I think that man had the day of his life because just about everyone bought a postcard. After that we went to a small café. The old woman living in the house next to the café was the owner. Coffee there was quite famous and I must say very delicious. Everybody got one cup of free coffee. I ordered their ‘famous’ ice chocolate coffee. Then we went to lunch in a “French” restaurant. It wasn’t really very French but the food was the best we had in all Cuba. First we got fried potatoes (aardappel kroketjes) and chicken soup with big pieces of chicken. After that we got meat and rice, but the meat was a lot tastier than the usual meat we got. Around the restaurant was a coffee mill. We went up there and the view was amazing.
After this we went to our next and last sleeping place. A camp. This camp is free to stay at but you have to donate food, or work for the camp. In this way the camp stays alive. It is built to facilitate a lot of people. The first day the 37 of us were sleeping there and in another segment around 50 medical students from Honduras were staying there.
From the hotels to this camp was quite a shock. There were frogs everywhere, cold showers, and some weird toilets. But the beds were sleepable so we got by.
19 February
I woke-up to the sound of Andrea screaming “AHHH FROG IN MY BED”. After getting the frog out of our room we went to breakfast. Luckily it was beach day! We sat in the bus almost an hour to go to a beach. We walked down along the beach Playa el Maria on the white sand. The water was clear blue and there was not a cloud in the sky. It was a warm day and the water was cool. Seriously, it was perfect. We also had ice-cream on the beach. After that we went back to the restaurant where we had stored our stuff. There we showered and yet again had meat with rice.
With our airco bus we then left to Havana where we went to a tourist market in a big hall. There many of us bought presents for family. The souvenirs were actually very cute.
Before we went to bed we watched a film about how they had tried to remove illiteracy from Cuba. The film was not very high quality, but the thought was quite amazing. In the evening we went back to the camp and after a long day I went back to my (hopefully, frog-less) beds. Everybody went to a Spanish class, but I wasn’t feeling so well so I got to go to bed early with Sietske who was also sick.
20 February
Luckily in the morning when I woke-up I was feeling all better. This morning we went to an Illiteracy Museum. There we received information about how Fidel planned to have most of Cuba become able to read and write. A lot of young adults and even children set out to teach people how to read and write, mostly in rural areas. The children had taught about 707,000 people how to read and write. Then we drove with our airco-bus to a residential area in Havana. Here some of the people I was with tried desperately to find internet. But we decided this wasn’t effective and instead went to ate pizza.
In the afternoon we went to an artisty part in Havana. Here all the walls were painted and everything was made artsy and colorful. Different people came here to paint walls and make sculptures. Here we visited the arts center which had started everything. First we got a performance of one of the artists who was also a rapper. They also let us paint on a big canvas. On this we painted the Cuban and Dutch flag with our ship, the Regina Maris, on top. It actually turned out quite nicely.
With Marguerita, Pepe, and our bus we went back to the camp. There we had dinner and relaxed till we decided to go to bed.

21 February
That morning we left for the Monument of Jose Marti. It was a huge tower and a statue of him on a really big square called the Revolution Square. In the huge tower we went up in a lift and at the top could enjoy the view of the whole city of Havana. Quite cool and on the floor there were written the distances from that tower to other cities including from that tower to home, Warsaw. I don’t remember the distance but it was far away and it felt very far away.
From the museum a couple of us with a teacher decided to walk to the restaurant while the rest went to the restaurant with the bus. Along the way we met two Cubans who offered to show us the place where the famous song Guantanamera was written. We decided to go along. There we drank Pina Coladas sin alcohol. The restaurant and those Cuban people tried to rip of us. Quickly we payed what we thought was appropriate and left for the restaurant. There we got quite delicious food, shrimps with rice, definitely better than meat and rice.
That afternoon we went to the ISA. ISA is the art university for people in Cuba. The people at this school were amazingly talented! They created the most wonderful things. Apparently, the university is really hard to get into and according to one of our teachers their equipment is far more advanced than the equipment of the art institute in Amsterdam. A lot of money is spent on education in Cuba and because of this all the students there can study for free if they work for the government after their study. Anyway, the creativity there was mind blowing!
That afternoon we also heard that the student who left because of school was coming back! Everybody was so overjoyed; we had actually kind of lost hope. After this university we went to the ICAP where we got a speech about what the ICAP does. ICAP is basically an organization which is busy with the foreigners and other countries. Then we went to the camp where the student who had left was waiting for us.

22 February
This was our free day in the modern bit of Havana. We dropped off (yes, in our airco-bus) in front of Hotel Havana Libre, the best hotel in Havana. In the modern bit we just walked the streets and looked around. However, the modern bit was not so interesting. There was one little market and quite overpriced food. Haike and I decided to go look for internet because we were getting pretty desperate to get in contact with our friends. So Haike and I decided to walk to a hotel which we knew had internet. We thought it would take us 20 minutes. At just about every street corner we asked where the Hotel President was and each time got a bit further. After about 40 minutes we finally got there when we saw we basically had no time to internet. The walk was quite long and our legs hurt. We decided going on the internet was worth the money for such a short time so we decided to ask at the bar if we could drink a batido. A batido is basically a milkshake, but since we were in Cuba the fruit was fresh. Haike chose the banana batido and I drank a papaya (my favorite fruit in Cuba) batido. It was delicious. But we had to hurry back to the bus in order for us to be on time. Then we went back to the camp and had some free time there and went to some neighborhood party which was organized for us.

23 February
Today we had a Dutch day. Jeltje, Benjamin, Stijn, and I stayed behind in the camp to prepare what we needed for that evening. We were to make tomato soup and a cake. The main ingredients we didn’t have, so we couldn’t do very much but we looked around in the kitchen as to what we already have and I collected some pictures for the slideshow for that evening.
A lot of the girls were wearing Haike’s dresses since she had brought so many with her. When the rest came back we decided to take pictures in her dresses. This caused for some quite nice and some hilarious photos.
After the pictures we had lunch in the camp and Haike, Coen, Jeltje, Stijn, Benjamin, and I went to work in the kitchen. With the limited ingredients of Cuba (there was no flour to be found) we went to work. We had cake mix and most of the ingredients needed for the tomato soup. The kitchen ladies looked at us in full admiration to what we were doing. They had probably never seen or bought cake mix or made such a tomato soup. The food turned out delicious.
That evening we played, sang and danced on Dutch music. It was very fun.

24 February
This was one of our last days in Cuba. First we visited a museum about the revolution. It was a really random museum. There would be for example a spoon and then they would say “Spoon that blahblahblah ate with”. The story line wasn’t really clear. Anyway that evening we lunched in the old part of Havana and got some free time there. We ate two 50 cent pizzas and 10 cent icecreams. After that Steffie and I went to look for internet which we found. I internet-ed for half an hour and it was quite enjoyable to finally be in touch with everyone. Here after Steffie and I walked around in the old city, drank guava batidos, and then together with Haike, Jeltje, Steffie, and Benjamin we walked through old Havana a bit more. It was quite obvious that this was the touristy section of Cuba, everything seemed perfectly renovated and as soon as you stepped out of the busy streets things looked different.

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First Days in Cuba

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Dear everyone,
With our tracking backpacks we left the boat and passed the border control to go to our beloved air-conditioned bus. Marina Hemingway, the harbor where the Regina Maris lay was well developed and quite Western. Stepping into the bus we were greeted by our lovely tour guide Margarita, which we later on in the trip called pizza and our big (figuratively and literally) friend, the bus driver, Pepe.
Our bus departed and with wide eyes we looked out the window, amazed that we could be visiting such a different country. Outside we saw old cars! So awesome! There were especially a lot of Chevrolets and Fords. Anyway, after about an hour driving we arrived in the hotel which was located in Pinar del Rio. First we ate because we were really hungry. I had a theory that it was better to eat pasta cream than pizza or any other pasta because it would fill. However, the cream was really repulsive. After about eight bites I had more than enough. Here after I was put into the room with Steffie and Anna.
Anyway, the rest of the day we relaxed and walked around a bit till dinner. Dinner was a walking buffet with almost everything including of course rice, chicken, meat, beans, and the new addition overcooked pasta. But I wasn’t complaining, this was probably a bigger variety in food than most Cubans would ever see.
As desert Steffie, Haike, Jeltje, and I each bought a half liter bucket of ice-cream for 1 CUC, which is a little more than a dollar. So cheap! Which actually almost everything was in Cuba. With this ice-cream we chilled on the roof and after we went to bed.
The next morning (14th) Steffie, Anna, and I were woken by the bonking of a teacher on the door. With a lot of effort we got out of bed and put on the warmest clothes we brought. The morning was always really cold! Breakfast was delicious; all kinds of eggs, pancakes, sausages, fruit (papaya!), and some truly omnomnom juice.
After breakfast we were ready to leave for a school of performing arts. This was a school for kids age 7 to 14, here you could sing, dance, or play an instrument. In the morning we got a dance performance of all different age of kids. The dances were choreographed by themselves. Quite amazing to see how they made their own dances and especially to see how lose their hips are. After their own dances they pulled us all on the floor and we danced with them. I felt like giants in between them, all of them so small! They were all very spontaneous. Anyway, after a couple of dances the director decided to it was getting too cozy and we were talking too much with them so he shouted out “Vamos! Vamos!” and it was time to go.
After lunch in the hotel we returned to the performing arts school for some drumming classes. It was unfair how musical these kids were! Some of them could just randomly drum amazing rhythms. Some of us attempted to drum some simple rhythms along with the people from the school but nobody had the perfect timing down, except for maybe Yoram and Wouter.
Back at the hotel we had dinner where after we went to some musical about cats. Some cat didn’t know whether he was a cat. Anyway, it was probably the weirdest performance I have ever seen. It is meant for children of about age 3, even the kids of the school didn’t enjoy the performance.
We walked to the hotel and got the time to relax before we went to bed.
The next morning we got up early to pack-our bags and leave the hotel after breakfast. Our next destination was the performing arts school literally next to the other school. However, this one was for older children and didn’t focus on dance. It was only specialized in instruments and singing.
Again the children were amazingly talented. We got a couple of performances instrumental and singing. They had an all girls’ choir with amazing voices. Nothing was out of tune and all the girls really looked like they were having fun singing. Another person I remembered vividly was one of the guys who played the saxophone so beautifully! It was really amazing; at a certain moment you couldn’t even see the movement of his fingers. Also, there was another guy who was going to sing with the girls as the background when he opened his mouth a huge voice came out of him, that no one expected. The song they sang that morning was all girls with a few solos of a girl. The girl had such an attitude, it was amazing to see when she was singing and she was so bold it was really remarkable. Her voice was very powerful she could go from really low to high. She pulled people out of the seats and again we danced.
After lunch in the hotel we had checked out of, we returned yet again to the school. This time we got even more performances. The first few were opera, but it was quite unexpected. A quite skinny, small girl had sung an amazing operetta. I am personally not a big fan of opera; however it was quite astonishing to see. After this we got some performances from the choir again. Here we again were kind of told to leave since it we started talking with the students, and this I believe is not permitted of the government.
We stepped back into the bus and had an hour trip ahead of us. Since we arrived late the hotels that were booked weren’t together with our schedule so we had to do a lot of driving. It was a sort of nature huts. Anyway, more about them later.
- Meilin

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